What makes a good story?


Taken from MAL

Sarai-ya Goyou (this is where you say “never heard it”), or House of Five Leaves, is one of those shows that you probably haven’t watched, but should, anime fan or no.

I finished watching it recently and found the experience both refreshing and entertaining. But above all, it only further convinced me that there are no formulae for good story telling.

House of Five Leaves tells a tale as eccentric as its art style and music. In fact, it would be quite difficult to summarise the story in one sentence. The plot moves at a crawl and at times seems to take a back seat just so the characters can eat dango, consume excessive amounts of alcohol, visit the brothel or puff on their pipes. But herein lies the charm of the show.

Even now, after much thought, I find it difficult to pinpoint what was it that made the twelve episodes so satisfying. All I can say is, this is something you should watch, especially if you dislike anime.

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