Hopelessly lost?

Okay, so this really isn’t a post to help improve your writing. This is just me rambling about my own progress in writing. 

I think of writing as a mental journey from point A to point B. As writers, we are pioneers exploring unknown (failing that, unfamiliar) territory in hope that readers will trace our footsteps and meet us at the end. 

However, unlike readers, writers will run into dead ends, backtrack 200+ pages (or in some cases push SHIFT+DELETE), take indefinitely detours and sometimes, stand still for more than three months having depleted all motivational fuel. 

More often than not, I find myself hopelessly lost. Instead of floating aimlessly on the sea, it feels more like navigating an enormous maze. I know where I need to go, but can never find the best way to get there. 

Looking back, being lost, too, was a part of the journey. It gives one time to go away, refuel on some reading and even revise earlier sections of one’s own work. For the sake of finishing my novel, I sincerely hope those years spent away from writing will make me stronger. For now, I think I’ll go play some Mahjong…

  1. I tend to go and listen to music…or watch films if I need a time out from writing.

    • I need to lock myself away in a small room without a computer.

      Ah computer, thy name is procrastination.

      • Oh lord no…can’t be without the computer. ^_^ But seriously, if I have troubles, I often get on a service like skype and chat to my co writers and discuss plots and characters. Next think you know, I am writing again. ❤

  2. I agree. I too have lost my way in my story at times. Often, if I throw in a confrontation (always good) or a crisis, it gets me out. Most people I know have daily/weekly crises that they solve as part of life. I just pump them up for fiction purposes.

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