Moved to tears

Fans of classical music, especially Chopin, will surely have heard this piece. The man playing in the recording is none other than the great Artur Rubinstein. I feel his interpretation does Chopin justice (whereas I would cause the great composer to stir in his grave). 

Just as a balanced diet is vital to healthy living, a well-written book can only result from a nurtured mind. Yes, we all know reading is an important learning process but I think it is equally important to get in touch with different forms of art.

This performance is special to me. For some reason, I heard Rubinstein’s solitude. It’s the song of a delicate mind, exquisite and frail. The first time I listened to it, I cried. Up till then, I’ve always thought of “moved to tears” was a mere exaggeration. 

I sincerely hope this piece does for you what it does for me. Enjoy. 


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