Little poets

Okay, so I haven’t gotten much writing done in the last week. Rather, I’ve spent some time watching interviews of a Chinese author. To my surprise, I found the whole thing both educational and entertaining. Above all, it taught me how creative children can be (and how boring adults really are).

She said in one picture her daughter drew, it had four suns coloured yellow, red, green and blue. Of course, the mother had to ask why she chose green and blue. To this, the little girl said:

“Green is when the sun shines upon the grass and trees. Blue is when it lights up the sky for the birds and the ocean for the fish.”

Truly, such creativity is hard to match. The more you grow up, the further you become to such things. Education, social expectation and self awareness takes away that wonderful gift. Who knows, maybe twenty years ago, I had something similar too.


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