A frustrating conclusion

Unlike many who have read “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, I was well above the age of the intended audience when I went through the thirteen books. 

Much to my surprise, there were moments in the book that were truly comical and clever. The wordplay, foreshadowing, theme building and suspense were at a much higher level than I had expected to find in children’s literature.

To absurdity of all that has happened did not bother me one bit and in fact, made it much more fun to read. Logic, much to my surprise, was not at all necessary to the telling of the story. It went out the window, fell off a cliff and still hasn’t hit the ground by the time I finished the last book. 

But alas, my love for this series went unrequited. The ending simply left too many holes for me to call it conclusive. It left me wondering what could’ve been if the author had only paced the story better. It’s like serving up a birthday cake one day late. Oh…fate is cruel. 



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